What is the cost of making an injection mold?

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Plastic injection molding technology   is gaining popularity. The method is used by other industries that face the increasing demands placed on their products every day. Injection molding consists in injecting a plasticized mass of plastic into the mold cavity. After solidification, the material takes the desired shape. This allows you to produce elements of any shape and size. The condition is to have an appropriate injection mold. The cost of the mold for the injection molding machine significantly affects the profitability of the entire process and determines that the discussed technology pays off primarily in large-scale production. What is the cost of making an injection mold? What does its price depend on?

Injection mold: The price, or rather the valuation, which is difficult to obtain

In order to obtain a price, the customer must go through a quotation process. Many customers see this process as an “inconvenience”. Companies specializing in the production of injection molds ask many questions and expect very precise answers. There are also those that sell customers due to the volume of orders. Unfortunately, they do not do it directly, but on a rolling basis, which unnecessarily prolongs the process of pricing and assessing the profitability of the choice of the discussed method of forming plastics.

Obtaining a valuation of a mold dedicated to the production of elements with non-standard shapes can be particularly problematic. However, this does not mean that obtaining clear and binding information is not possible. More and more companies producing injection molds provide calculators on their websites to calculate the estimated cost of making the mold.

What does the price of an injection mold depend on?

The cost of  a mold for an injection molding machine  depends on a number of factors. The key is the choice of material from which the mold will be made. Depending on the manufacturer, we can choose from: PA, POM, PP, PE, TPU, ZnAl. Not without influence on the cost of making an injection mold are its dimensions, i.e. height, width and depth. Molds are made in very different sizes, which allows injection molding of both small details and large-size elements. What other factors are taken into account during the valuation?

Noteworthy are:

  • number of sockets,
  • socket finish (e.g. gloss, hollowing, structure),
  • hot runner included,
  • the possibility of implementing waste-free production,
  • taking into account moving cores,
  • taking into account the removable elements.

Of course, the injection mold pricing calculators available online only allow you to obtain an estimated price. Their advantage is the ability to get acquainted with the range of costs practically on the spot, which allows you to estimate the profitability of injection molding in a given case at a very early stage. The manufacturer will provide a binding quote only after getting acquainted with the detailed design of the mold. In some cases, it may also be necessary to make a model.

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