Customized profiles

We specialize in the design, production and assembly of molded plastic elements by injection molding. We carry out orders from customers in Poland and throughout Europe in this regard, each time providing the highest quality of the solutions offered. The plastic injection service  includes the production of custom-made profiles. We form plastic profiles in accordance with the customer’s specification, which gives the investor a guarantee of maintaining the set physical and technological parameters of the finished product, while ensuring their repeatability for each subsequent profile formed under a given order.

In our work, we use precise injection molds that we make in our own tool shop based on components from proven partners in China. The main plastics we use for injection molding are:

  • thermoplastics: PTFE, PA Polyamide, PE Polyethylene, PMMA Plexiglas, PC Polycarbonate, PP Polypropylene, PET Polyethylene terephthalate, PVC Polyvinyl chloride and POM Polyacetal.
  • elastomers: rubber, silicone PUR Polyurethane.

Extensive experience and precision of the finished product

We are a company that has been operating in the production of plastic elements continuously for over 20 years. Extensive experience together with excellent knowledge of the market and available solutions makes it easy for us to deal with very diverse orders for plastic profiles and other injection-molded ready-made details. Constant investments in the development of the company – both the machinery park and the competences of employees – translate into innovative solutions offered and competitive prices of finished products. We offer our clients end-to-end solutions across the entire supply chain – from product development and production to supply chain management and distribution. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide solutions of the highest standard in this area.
Customers interested in custom-made profiles are welcome to contact the company representative. 

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