Injection molds

We have been operating in the plastic injection molding industry for years as a manufacturer of injection molds. We offer our customers molds for injection molding machines, including injection molds for thermoplastics and elastomers. In our permanent sale we have not only injection moulds, but also  heads for plastics  and  calibrators for plastics .

The wide and diversified commercial offer of the Techflow 3D brand translates into constant service for enterprises representing various industries. Our customers order from us molds for injection molding machines with different parameters of the finished product. Each time we try our best to meet their expectations, which is why each Techflow 3D injection mold is characterized by the highest precision of workmanship and increased durability, which we successfully convert into millions of injection molding machine cycles. Injection molds and extrusion molds are made in our own tool shop and we cooperate with reliable suppliers from China. Over twenty years of experience in the industry allows us to create forms regardless of volume, size or shape.

Production of injection molds

Our own production of injection molds allows us to fulfill individual customer orders. We offer both standard plastic injection molds and solutions enabling the formation of unusual shapes. Our production is distinguished by the speed of operation and timeliness of deliveries – we deliver injection molds in short terms, thus reliably supporting the production lines of our customers.

The highly specialized production of Techflow 3D injection molds successfully responds to the needs and requirements of various industries and industries. Our plastic injection molds are used, among others, in in the food, electronics and automotive industries, ensuring failure-free production of details.>

Plastic injection service

The plastic injection service is a service that we address to customers interested in outsourcing activities related to injection molding of plastics, as well as customers interested in the implementation of low-volume orders, for which the purchase of injection molds is unprofitable for the company. As a manufacturer, we have injection molds with various parameters at our disposal, thanks to which we can easily obtain the desired finished products, the price of which is highly competitive on the market.

In addition to services related to  the injection molding  of plastics, we also offer our customers the production of  custom-made profiles . We produce profiles using high-quality injection molds for plastics and materials indicated by the customer. We work on a wide range of thermoplastics and elastomers, which enables us to effectively fulfill virtually every order.

Injection molds for plastics – basic advantages of injection molding of plastics

Injection molds have many advantages. Among the basic ones, the following should be indicated:

  • a large selection of materials – thermoplastics and elastomers – enabling uncompromising optimization of the selection of material in terms of the specificity of the molded element,
  • high efficiency of injection molding of plastics, in particular in the implementation of high-volume orders,
  • high repeatability of the obtained elements, which manifests itself in size stability and repeatability of the finished product form,
  • high tolerances and excellent surface quality of the finished product,
  • low price of a single item,
  • long tool life, which is estimated in millions of work cycles.

Customers looking for a mold for injection molding machines or wanting to use the plastic injection service are encouraged to contact us. Our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the most optimal solutions – from equipment to material selection. We operate throughout the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, including Warsaw and Mińsk Mazowiecki.

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