Plastic calibrators

Calibrators for plastics are technologically advanced calibrating (calibration) extrudate systems. They, together with  the plastic head,  are responsible for the parameters of the final product, which is created after plasticizing the polymer material and its appropriate shaping. At the entrance to the extruder or injection molding machine, the material is introduced in a solid state (usually in the form of granules). Then, as a result of heating and movement, it is plasticized, so it goes into a plastic or plastic and liquid state. Calibrators for plastics are responsible for the physical parameters of the extruded or injected material.

Calibrators for plastics in the Techflow3D offer

The Techflow 3D company has been operating in the plastic elements production industry continuously for over 20 years. We specialize in the design, production and assembly of plastic components, as well as the production and distribution of injection molds and the sale of components for injection molding machines. We offer our clients a number of innovative solutions, which are each time tailored to the needs of a given production process.

Our assortment includes calibrators for plastics from renowned manufacturers. They are a system designed to work with polymeric materials of various purposes, and thus with different operating parameters (calibration of the extrudate). The calibrators we offer are characterized by high quality of work, which translates into high repeatability of the finished product within the batch – the systems effectively maintain the calibration parameters of the extrudate.

Customers looking for calibrators for plastics and heads for plastics are encouraged to contact the company’s representative. In addition to high-quality components for injection molding machines and extruders, we offer professional consulting services. Calibrators for plastics are selected each time in terms of the device’s operating parameters, as well as the specificity of the production process and expectations regarding the final product. In this way, we are sure that the solutions we propose are systems that best meet your needs. 

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