The TechFlow 3D company   operates in the sectors  of advanced production technologies.

The key to competitiveness is innovation, and the pace of changes in technique, technology and organization means that only a company capable of introducing innovative changes can stay on the market.




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We cooperate and advise domestic and foreign customers in the selection of the appropriate  technology , as well as in the assembly of machines. We strive to optimize production in terms of innovation, while not complicating the process. Simplicity in the demand-supply sense and pioneering character defined by the lack of competition in a given field are also key.

At Techflow 3D, we design, manufacture and assemble molded plastic elements for customers in Poland and throughout Europe, ensuring the highest quality for many industry sectors.
The main plastics used for injection are:

Our company makes molds in its own tool shop and cooperates with reliable partners in China. Currently, we can offer the sale of the molds themselves as well as the execution of ready-made injection details. With over twenty years of experience in the production of plastic components, we are able to handle all volumes, sizes and shapes, so please contact us for a quote or advice.

As a leading company in the production of plastic components, we offer comprehensive solutions throughout the supply chain. From product development and production to supply chain management and distribution, we have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver innovative solutions of the highest standard.

Dedicated innovation partner
Techflow3D is more than a manufacturer of plastic products. Our continuous investments in our facilities, technology and people make us a reliable, committed innovation partner. We take responsibility for the selection of the best materials that meet customer expectations.

Passion for engineering
With a passion for engineering and a desire to provide exceptional performance in the production of plastics and assembly of finished products, we enjoy the challenges and implementation of unique projects. Over the past years, Techflow 3D has forged a path in new techniques and finishing materials such as bioplastics, as well as establishing unique processes such as closed-loop recycling systems. Whether it’s single components, pre-assembled parts or ready-to-sell products, we’re dedicated to creating better products, processes and solutions. Project Management


Working in close collaboration with our highly skilled team of engineers and project managers, with Techflow 3D project management services you can be assured of smooth, reliable and cost-effective production, with the highest levels of flexibility, efficiency and care.

As a supplier of complete plastic solutions, we assemble plastic and non-plastic parts into components and finished products. As part of our one-stop service, we offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions, including component and supplier listings, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled service as well as a competitive advantage.