TechFlow 3D operates in the advanced manufacturing technologies.

The key to successful competition is innovation, and the pace of change in technology, and organization makes it possible only for an enterprise capable of innovating to stay on the market. Our customers, even the smallest ones, are under a great pressure of innovation, often in many areas simultaneously (new products, techniques and technologies, organization, relationships with partners, etc). The company uses advanced technology resulting from the intensive application of scientific and technical knowledge, thus supporting its business partners. We continually introduce new products or technologies and use a variety of sources of innovation. The scope of our activity is primarily new, rapidly growing sectors with high technical capabilities.

We cooperate and advise domestic and foreign customers on the selection of the right technology as well as the picking of machines. We strive to optimize production in terms of innovation while not complicating the process. Simplicity in the supply-demand and pioneering nature is defined by lack of competition in the field.



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